14 Apr

“To disconnect the nature of the Church from the two natures of Christ is entirely detrimental to Orthodox ecclesiology. For to concentrate specifically on the human institution, governed solely by man, is to subordinate the nature of the Church analogous to how Arius behaved, proper to the hypostatic union inherent to Christ, however ignorant of the fact we may be. Contrarily, to concentrate merely on the divine institution of the Church, while subordinating the human predicate, the very communicable aspect of Christ’s Body, is to commit to monophysitism, inadvertent to whether we will such a consequence. Let us be diligent and nuanced in our approach, lest we commit to error and falsity. We must reflect the theology of the Fathers, to avoid the disconnect, rather than the theologies of our time, made manifest in the 10th, 16th, and 21st century.”-Dimmitri Christou (via Nicolas Begley)

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