13 Apr

Here is a list of self-defeating games, which may work in the short-term but are not helpful in the long-term.

1.) Play the nice guy – side step the real issue, don’t rock the boat, avoid confrontation.
2.) Be a problem – agitate, instigate, play “devil’s advocate”, class bully.
3.) Spread lies and gossip – tell stories, be in-the-know, exaggerate.
4.) Hide behind humor – be the clown, keep people laughing, make a joke.
5.) Don’t participate – disengage, space-out, day dream.
6.) Hide behind judgment – be critical, focus on weakness.
7.) Don’t finish, quit – give up, make excuses.
8.) Change the game – avoid the issue, turn on the accuser.
9.) I don’t care – apathy, “whatever”.
10.) Gain support for my side – look for allies, build your case.
11.) Inappropriate laughter/emotion – hide behind a smile, laughing when you are angry or uncomfortable.
12.) Go passive – “Oh, that’s okay”, “whatever you want is fine”.
13.) Get aggressive – stay on the offensive, get them to back off.

I know I am guilty of playing some of these very games. (via Nicolas Begley)

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