Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann: Apostleship and America

2 Apr

Two words that we ought to accept into our hearts are Apostleship and America.

The gift of apostleship is bestowed upon each member of the Church on the day of his Baptism and Chrismation. If we call our Church “apostolic” it is because She is sent, “apostle” meaning “sent by God.” It is because She is sent in Her totality, and this means in all Her members, into the world to preach the Gospel of Christ, to manifest His presence, to fulfill the salvation which He accomplished. In this sense, we all are apostolic and apostles. We all carry the responsibility for the apostolicity of the Church.

Today we need more than ever to be reminded of this apostolic nature and function of the Church, and of the apostolic vocation of each of us as members of the Church. For we are living in an increasingly dechristianized, if not already openly antichristian world. Our culture is permeated with ideas alien to the Gospel of Christ; with rejection of His Kingdom, of its truth, light and joy. Truly it is the time for an apostolic renewal. And in this renewal, the place and the role of the laity is unique. If the first duty of the clergy is to serve the Church, the first and essential duty of the laity is to bring into the world — and this means into its culture, daily life, professions, family, etc. — the Christian witness, the image of Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Schmemann on remembering this Christian hero St. Innocent (via Anthony Davar)

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