23 Mar

‘Brethren and fathers, all we human beings have eyes and ears; however it is not given to all to see and hear, but to those who in addition have a ear which obeys and an eye for looking. That is why the Lord says in the Gospels, “Those who have ears to hear, let them hear” [Matthew 13,9]. While of those who are hard of hearing the Prophet says, “God gave them a spirit of compunction, eyes for not looking and ears for not hearing” [Romans 11,8]. We should surely then listen with understanding to the things that are read to us, not simple-mindedly or anyhow, so that we may not fall beneath the threat, but rather that we may able to say, as it is written, “The Lord’s training opens my ears” [Isaias 50,5].’

St. Theodore the Studite (via Holy Fathers)

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