St John of Karpathos

22 Mar

St John of Karpathos:

‘The demons try to undermine your inward resolution by buffeting your souls with an untold variety of temptations. Yet out of these many tribulations a garland is woven for you; Christ’s power “comes to its fulness in us in our weakness” (2 Corinthians 12.9). It is usually when our situation is most gloomy that the grace of the Spirit flowers within us. “Light has shone in darkness for the righteous” (Psalm 112.4 LXX) – if, that is, “we hold fast to our confidence and the rejoicing of our hope firmly to the end” (Hebrews 3.6).’ (Texts for the Monks of India, 19; in the Philokalia, vol. i, p. 302.)
‘When you are being tested by trials and temptations, you cannot avoid feeling dejected. But those who till the earth of hardship and tribulation in their hearts are afterwards filled with great joy, tears of consolation and holy thoughts.’ (ibid., 30; p. 305.)
‘Blessed are those who, when grace is withdrawn, find no consolation in themselves, but only continuing tribulation and thick darkness, yet do not despair; but, strengthened by faith, they endure courageously, convinced that they do indeed see Him who is invisible.’ (ibid., 71; p. 215.) (via Holy Fathers)

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