Wycliffe defends changing titles for God | Education News

28 Feb

Good Morning Saints. This news has struck a nerve in my spirit that I am going to share with you all. What I find most appauling is, Islam defends their faith to the fullest. You can not speak against any islamic culture without being prosecuted by law for hate speech. A small group of people has participated in burning the Koran, and this has caused an uproar in the islamic community. Which brings me to my point. A group of Christian leaders, Evangelicals, and Missionaries have been on this radical attempt to combine Christianity and Islam…This new religion is called Chrislam. But it doesn’t stop there. These “Christian” leaders have embraced preaching from both Koran and the Bible in the same service. These two books have become fixtures on the altars here in America and abroad. There is a heated controversy surrounding. For the sake of being unable to remember this lady’s name, she was an ordained clergy in her church. She would leave service and worship with the muslims in theirs. Needless to say, she was deposed…and excommunicated from her Christian church…The doctrine of Chrislam admits that everyone must believe in Jesus Christ…But not as Lord and Savior..but as an intercessor and mediator for the muslim mahdi. We know in 1 Corinthians 15, that after everything is said and done, Jesus Christ will turn us all over…and he himself, would be subjected to God the Father. According to Chrislam, he will offer us as sacrifices to mahdi…I know many of you are like WHAT????? Sac RELIG!!!!!! APOSTATE!!!!!!!! and the likes….I couldn’t agree with you all more. To top that piece of news, there is also another hot topic for discussion, NOT DEBATE! Read this article and weigh in on such heavy of topic…http://educationviews.org/2012/02/03/wycliffe-defends-changing-titles-for-god/ (via Apostle LaShonda Harrell) http://educationviews.org/2012/02/03/wycliffe-defends-changing-titles-for-god/

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