The Conditions of True Christian Fasting

28 Feb

“When we look at the sky, at the rushing water in spring, at a beautiful prairie, or at a stirring forest, what we experience in our souls is not so much joy as longing. The soul, looking for and striving towards something that is clothed in our thoughts and memories, aches and grows faint. When we hear a howling storm, a thunderbolt, singing, or music we experience the same thing: a combination of both joy and sadness. Are there not a few examples of how people weep when hearing the most beautiful and delightful singing? Just what does all this mean? This means that when our immortal spirit – confined to the passionate flesh, enclosed in disorder, vanity, and ugliness – then hears the graceful voice of its fatherland and sees, however unclearly, the indescribable beauty of heavenly blessedness, it remembers its imperishable and eternal paradise….” (via Holy Cross Monastery)

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